Solidity Dev Starter

Become Web3 Smart Contract Developer.
Learn how to build secure apps on Ethereum blockchain.

Quick intro

Understand the basics and setup your development environment. Instantly get to coding real examples.

Boost your portfolio

Deploy smart contracts to Ethereum blockchain and publish them on your Github profile.

Support program

Got stucked? Get direct support from friendly community.

Agenda of this course

✅ Prepare MetaMask wallet for development

✅ Deploy first contract ever

✅ Exploring blockchain with Etherscan

✅ Storing numbers in the contract

✅ Layout of the Solidity source files

✅ Guarding functions with require()

✅ Using msg.sender

✅ Constructor functions

✅ Sending ether with payable functions

✅ Ether units like WEI, GWEI

✅ Sending ether from contracts

✅ Simple whitelisting of addresses

👍 Functions with modifiers

👍 Views and pure functions

👍 Inheritance of contracts

👍 Import contracts from files or Github

👍 Emitting events

👍 Creating and understanding ERC20 / ERC721 tokens

👍 Using timestamps

👍 Calling contracts from your code

👍 Verifying signatures

👍 Useful ERCs and EIPs

👍 Common security isssues and how to avoid them

👍 Upgradable smart contracts

👍 Gas optimizations

👍 Reading and analyzing security audits

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" Solidity Starter is an excellent choice for developers who just jumped into web3 and wants to turn their own ideas into a real smart contract code. No bullshit talking, only writing code with newest features for blazing fast development. Sometimes you may feel, you're hacking something. "

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Jakub Pusiak
Senior Frontend Software Engineer

" Thanks to the course, I learned not only about Solidity but also about the tools that make working in this environment easier. I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to start their adventure and enter the world of Solidity and Web3. "

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Kacper Adler
Frontend Developer

" I wholeheartedly recommend Artur's Solidity course. Despite having previously created several contracts, I discovered fascinating tips and tricks regarding optimization and security throughout the course. The knowledge imparted in the lessons, along with the accompanying homework assignments, provides a more comprehensive learning experience compared to other pricier courses on the subject. "

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Łukasz Charubin

"There is propably no better way to enter blockchain and Solidity world. No academic language - Artur explains it in the way that average human can understand"

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Kamil Szewczyk
Front-end dev

"I have been in the blockchain world since 2017 but had never seriously programmed in Solidity before. As a Python programmer, I believe that this course provides enough knowledge to take my first steps as a Blockchain Dev. The course offers excellent explanations, rich content, and practical examples that enable a deep understanding of complex concepts."

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Daniel Milewski

"This is my second course with Artur. The first one was Next.js, and I was really pleased with it. Taking part in the Solidity course provided me with strong foundations and a good understanding of building secure smart contracts. The course is not only about video lessons; it also includes a helpful community on Discord, where Artur is active and supportive. The frequent course updates are noteworthy as well. I highly recommend it; in my opinion, it's the best course for Smart Contract Developers."

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Mateusz Twardy
Full Stack Engineer

Tools and technologies covered

Who's behind the Solidity Starter Pack?

Hi! My name is Artur Chmaro and I have 4+ years of experience in Web3 development and more than 12 years of experience in the Web1/Web2 world. Currently I'm working as CTO in Web3 startup called

I created the course I would like to find at the beginning of my adventure with smart contracts. Concrete and concise lessons. Sample projects similar to those from real clients. No bullshit or outdated information.

Learn solid fundamentals of developing Solidity smart contract and boost your developer career. You will also learn how to deploy NFT, ERC20, and ERC1155 contracts and extend them with custom features.



What happens after I buy?

You will get an automatic e-mail with an invitation to the course platform. All lessons are ready for you!

I have zero programming experience. Is this course for me?

The whole material is prepared for people without any programming knowledge. However, it would be much easier for you to understand concepts like variables, loops, and functions if you coded something before. Basic JavaScript understading is needed for lessons about Hardhat and writing automatic tests.

How lessons are looking?

All lessons are recorded and available on the platform. Besides that, I’m organizing live lessons with students. Every live is recoreder and published to the platform.

Do I get an invoice?

Sure, just select this option in the checkout or request it after the purchase.

Why so expensive? Why not free?

There are plenty of free resources to learn Solidity online. However, this course has everything packed and curated in one place. You do not have to waste time finding and evaluating stuff online. Besides that, you have access to a closed community in which you may ask your questions.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

Sure! If it doesn't work for you or doesn't give you value you thought it would, simply write me within 14 days. I will refund you. No hard feelings.

I have a different question…

Just contact me at